Where is the Bellingham Folk School? We are located at 1208 Cornwall Ave. in downtown Bellingham. If you require wheelchair accessibility, please contact the school at bellinghamfolkfestival@gmail.com


Who can come to a class at the Bellingham Folk School? Anyone and everyone! Each class is geared towards a certain skill level which can be found in the class description. If you are unsure if you are a good fit for a class, email bellinghamfolkfestival@gmail.com for help.


How do I pay for a class at the Bellingham Folk School? Fees for classes, workshops, and jams can be paid day-of unless otherwise noted in the description for that specific event. Cash is preferred, but checks written to the instructor are also accepted.


How are the Bellingham Folk School and the Bellingham Folk Festival connected? The Bellingham Folk School was created in the same style and vision of the Bellingham Folk Festival. They are separate entities. The Bellingham Folk School operates all year, and the Bellingham Folk Festival takes place over one weekend during winter. Find out more about the Bellingham Folk Festival at: www.thebellinghamfolkfestival.com